Five Christmas gift ideas for your favourite contractors

7th December, 2018
Five Christmas gift ideas for your favourite contractors

Five Christmas gift ideas for your favourite contractors
 1. When it comes to Christmas gifts, contractors are just as likely to appreciate a box of chocolates or a cosy pair of slippers as the next person. But with a little creative thinking, we’ve come up with five gift ideas that could help make their work life that little bit easier, meaning that you can keep the chocolates for yourself….

Noise cancelling earplugs
 2. Contractors sometimes need to work out of the office in order to make the most of their time and meet deadlines. This could mean working in a public space or even on public transport. While noise reducing headphones can tone down background noise, ‘muffling’ and annoying bass frequencies are still a major distraction. An effective and less obtrusive option is the latest aluminium earplugs to hit the market. These reduce noise by stopping it travelling down the ear canal, turning down the overall noise on your surroundings so that you can focus.

Gift cards for apps
 3. There are a huge range of apps available on the market that can help to make contractors lives run a little smoother. Time tracking apps can help with productivity, while planning and budgeting apps can help to keep track of other essential tasks. As every contractor has different requirements, giving them a gift card this Christmas will allow them to choose the most useful app for them.

Gym membership
 4. Contracting can involve spending periods of time working away from home when contractors might find themselves at a loose end. Not only does exercise boost endorphins and help us to unwind, membership to a gym can provide social interaction and a good opportunity to meet people – even networking possibilities! Many gyms have multiple locations throughout major cities, meaning that contractors can use their membership wherever they happen to be working. If they’re not into lifting weights, many gyms offer other facilities such as a sauna, pool or yoga classes.

Laptop power bank
 5. Most of us are familiar with the inconvenience of our laptops running out of juice when we’re right in the middle of something, but for contractors working on the hoof, it’s not always possible to find a handy power outlet. Measuring around 20.6cm x 13.5cm x 3.3 cm and weighing just 1.26kg, a laptop power bank offers a convenient and portable solution that can fit into your bag or briefcase. When fully charged, the power bank offers the capacity of 50000mAh/185Wh with six different outputs, meaning that you can charge several devices at once.

Coffee shop gift tokens
 6. Okay it’s another Christmas gift token, but contractors can spend a lot of time on the move, making the need for a portable caffeine hit inevitable. Choosing a gift option from a contractor’s favourite coffee outlet makes this a customisable option for a personal touch. Most major coffee shops have outlets throughout the UK, or use tokens to introduce someone to a great independent coffee shop they might not have tried.

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