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Contracting in the Medical Sector: Healthcare Locums

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Healthcare locums value the flexibility and variety of work that they do – but that doesn’t mean that locum doctors or locum social workers need flexibility and variety when it comes to getting paid. ContractingWISE knows how difficult it can be for locums to receive their pay cheques on time and in full – not to mention the challenges of being self-employed.


We can help healthcare locums deal with the business side of being a ‘medical contractor’, so that you can focus on patients and clients.


We’ll give you answers to questions like:

  • Which agency should I use?
    Recruitment agencies drive the market for locums with the NHS, local authorities and private healthcare. We can help you decide on the sort of work you want to do, and where to find it.
  • Am I getting the best rate?
    Negotiating a better rate can seem impossible at times. ContractingWISE can help you find ways of improving your take home pay
  • What can I do if I don’t get paid on time?
    Dealing with disputes is never easy but we can help you find the right services to help recoup what you’re owed.
  • What sort of insurance do I need?
    Whether you’re looking for medical indemnity insurance, medical malpractice insurance or public liability insurance, we can give you unbiased support on the best types of policy and which brokers to use.


With our years of experience helping locums manage their business affairs, ContractingWISE can shoulder some of your burden and let you focus on your professional work life.

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