How LinkedIn and Artificial Intelligence is changing the recruitment landscape

14th November, 2018
How LinkedIn and Artificial Intelligence is changing the recruitment landscape

With over 600 million registered professional profiles, LinkedIn has become the leading platform for contractors looking to network and find assignments. With so much talent information pooled on one site, recruiters have been quick to leverage the site’s potential for finding the right candidates to fill their client’s vacancies. Now under the ownership of Microsoft, LinkedIn has remodelled it’s recruiter platform, incorporating artificial intelligence and a user-friendlier interface to make the new platform an integrated solution for recruiters.

The new Talent Solutions platform will start to get rolled out over the coming months, and will aim for a simplified user experience. As it has grown, LinkedIn’s backend facilities for posting job opportunities and searching for candidates has become increasingly fragmented, with Recruiter, Jobs and Media each existing as separate entities. Now LinkedIn has merged these areas into a single platform that utilises the same pool of data in order to work more effectively.

According to tech experts Techcrunch, “When a job gets posted, LinkedIn will use the data about who clicks on the link, and what kinds of searches it comes up in and for whom, to help tailor the search results that a recruiter gets when proactively looking for candidates to fill the position. There is an element of AI and machine learning to how LinkedIn is approaching this: the more data that LinkedIn reads, the better it will get at giving recruiters more relevant information.”

Also integrated into the new platform is Talent Hub, an ATS (applicant tracking system) that will let recruiters manage candidate leads through the whole interviewing and hiring process. The idea is to integrate with a number of other products that already do this, such as SmartRecruiters, Zoho Recruit and Jobvite, encouraging better communication between people involved at different stages of the recruitment process. As businesses seek to diversify their workforce, LinkedIn’s new recruiter platform will allow them to see analytics based on gender and race.

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