Is your CV on track for the post-lockdown market?

27th April, 2021
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Is your CV on track for the post-lockdown market

There’s a current hiring boom as businesses get back on track after lockdown, with contractors at the forefront of demand. However, fundamental changes to the business landscape mean that the recruitment market has altered. In addition to an influx of remote work, virtual interviews, and physical distancing measures, the impact of Covid-19 on the workplace has shifted the types of skills employers are looking for. It’s worth taking the time to review your CV to make sure you’re on track for the best opportunities post-lockdown. Here we look at five factors to consider:

Highlight the right skills

In addition to your specialism, there’s a new set of skills that employers are seeking across all sectors. Contractors need to think carefully about how they use these skills in their day to day work and give specific examples where appropriate. Three key skills to focus on are:

  • Technology skills: the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies at every level. Skills such as coding, data analytics and knowledge of digital platforms are useful additions to any skillset.
  • Change management: Organisations have had to implement rapid changes in order to bounce back from the pandemic. In a rapidly evolving market, contractors need to demonstrate they can quickly and productively adapt to change.
  • Communication and presentation: While skills such as creativity and problem solving are crucial, the ability to clearly communicate ideas and present strategic solutions to others is equally important.

Consider a different sector

The long-term reality of the Covid crisis means that we’ll continue to see surges in demand in some sectors, while others recede in growth. Contractors who can adapt to industry shifts by transferring their skills to high demand areas could see a payoff. Being able to work across sectors can broaden your experience, skills and adaptability.

Use your recruitment consultant

When it comes to identifying current trends in the market and possible opportunities, working with your consultant will be vital. They can advise you on the skills you should try to capitalise on, which skills are most in-demand and which are most likely to be emerging amidst the current challenges.   A recruiter will also be able to provide you with valuable interview coaching and advice about how to frame your experience against the current job landscape on your CV.

Are you willing to work remotely?

Businesses are looking for people who can be flexible with when, where, and how they work. We don’t know how Covid-19 will affect the workplace in the future, candidates who can work remotely with flexible hours if the position requires it will have an advantage. Make it clear whether or not you’re willing to work remotely and let your recruiter know.

What have you done during lockdown?

While some contractors might have been lucky enough to have continuous work during the pandemic, many will have had longer gaps than usual between contracts. There’s no need to hide these gaps as businesses are understanding of the situation. If you continued to work during Covid-19, include some information about how you adapted to the rapidly changing situation. If you had long gaps between contracts, showing that you were proactive and made use of the time will demonstrate your motivation. A commitment to lifelong learning has been identified as one of the most important factors in remaining relevant to the world of work. Contractors are ideally placed to take advantage of independent learning as they can plan their study around quieter times or between contracts. When you’re updating your CV, remember to include details of:

  • any professional development courses you took
  • new skills that you acquired
  • volunteer work you undertook

As the situation continues to evolve, those who demonstrate that they’re prepared for the post-Covid-19 work environment will be most attractive to hiring companies. Give your resume a quick refresh to improve your chances of getting a call back – you can find more CV tips here. For more on the latest issues affecting the contracting sector check our news page for regular updates. ContractingWISE work with a wide range of hassle-free services that can assist you with your contracting career, to talk to a member of our team call: 0203 642 8679

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