IT Contractors in High Demand

29th July, 2020
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IT Contractors in High Demand

The accelerated digital transformation post-lockdown has put tech IT skills at the forefront of change. With hybrid working arrangements expected well into the future and the movement of businesses online, IT remains the dominant area of all agency hiring. Organisations across nearly all sectors are looking to technology to help them restructure, with TechUK’s deputy chief executive, Antony Walker, commenting: “We’ve seen two years of digital transformation happening in the space of two weeks.”

However, it’s not just any IT skills that are in demand. Data from the Open University shows that there’s a serious IT skills deficit, with half of employers struggling to attract talent with the right tech specialisms. Emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data and the Internet of Things will play an integral part in increasing business efficiency and protecting against future risk scenarios. IT professionals who can align their skills with these specialisms will be in high demand.

Top cyber security talent, which was already in demand before the pandemic, will remain indispensable as agile working practices continue for the foreseeable future and companies seek to secure their data. According to the Hays Tech Contractor Day Rate Guide 2020, senior roles can expect day rates of £650-800.

The increase in cloud-based systems, particularly in areas such as banking, is driving demand for contractors with knowledge of cloud infrastructure. Use of AWS, Azure & G Cloud has seen Cloud Engineers received a 15% increase on day rates in the last four months. Contractors working as AWS architects or engineers can expect day rates between £450 and £650.

In the public sector, many organisations are using data to model the impact of the pandemic on their business and decide what measures need to be taken forward. Day rates for Data Architects tend to fall in the region of £550 to £625. Meanwhile, demand for developers in core languages such as Open Source and Microsoft technologies has remained constant since lockdown, with day rates peaking at around £600.

IT is also a good area in which to develop secondary skills. In April, the Department for Education launched the online platform “The Skills Toolkit”, offering people access to free, high-quality digital courses to help build up their skills and boost their job prospects. The Chancellor also designated funding for training and enhanced career services to help people transfer their skills between industries. If you’re an IT professional looking for work or further training opportunities, it may be worth inquiring at your local jobcentre to see what’s on offer.

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