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guidesFree Guides

How to Win Contracts Post-Covid

Knowing your market and where your specific skills can add value has never been more important, so here are some crucial tips for when it comes to winning contracts and working well post-coronavirus.

Posted on 2nd June 2020

IR35: What are your options if you’re blanketed?

Before the planned April 2020 private sector IR35 introduction, many prominent businesses issued blanket bans on engaging limited company contractors. This guide runs through the main options that affected contractors might have to choose between.

Updated on 9th June 2020

A contractor’s guide to the off-payroll working rules

Recent adjustments to the off-payroll rules have resulted in major changes for contractors supplying their services through limited companies. This guide offers a concise overview of the rules and how they apply.

Posted on 18th March 2020

What to do in an IR35 Investigation

HMRC use sophisticated software to analyse public sector databases and highlight discrepancies which are then used to target sectors identified as being at risk of non-compliance. In this guide, we look at ways of reducing the risk of being non-compliant, and what to do in an investigation.

Posted on 5th February 2020

Making the leap: Moving from permanent to contracting

Whether it’s the desire for more independence or increased earning potential, life as a contractor has its benefits. However, if you’re thinking of leaving a permanent position to pursue a contracting career, how do you go about making the leap?

Updated on 20th June 2020

How to win the contracts you want

In the competitive world of contracting, long-term success will ultimately depend on the contractor’s understanding of the sector and their ability to adapt to its specific requirements. In this guide, we look at some of the ways you can maximise your chances of success.

Posted on 25th September 2018

Wise up on IR35: Everything you need to know

With complex reforms that confuse the most experienced contractors, IR35 can prove a headache that won’t go away. Our concise guide covers all the main points, giving you a simple yet comprehensive overview of this important set of regulations.

Updated on 18th March 2020

Free Reports

2016 Jobs Market Report

The report explains how IT contractors are filling
an ever more strategic role for businesses and
looks at industry trends.

2016 Brexit: Contractors Impact Report

This report looks at the impact of the EU referendum on
the minds of contractors in 2016. The report looks at
findings published by the Pulse Accounting annual
Contractor Confidence Index.

2015 Skills Shortage Report

This report looks at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)
2015 Report on Jobs, a comprehensive overview of the status of the
job market. The overall picture painted by the report is
one of continued skills shortages for employers and an
environment in which contractors can look to benefit
from an increase in skilled contracting opportunities.

2016 Demand for Finance &
IT Contractors Report


This report is based on findings from PwC and the Confederation
of British Industry’s Financial Services Survey for December 2015.

If you’re thinking about giving contracting a go, a good place to start is our guide on
how to win contracts post-Covid.

Please click download to download the guide.

TemplateFree Templates

Timesheet Template

Free Contracting Timesheet Template

Clients typically require a timesheet which gives details of your work for them so they can check that you are meeting the terms of the contract. This resource will help you easily log your hours days you have worked and where.

Dividends Template

Free Dividends Paperwork Template

Dividends payouts in limited companies need to be recorded for tax reasons, particularly as there have been changes to dividends allowances as of April 2016. Use this free template to keep record of your limited company payouts.

Invoice Template

Free Contracting Invoice Template

If you are VAT registered, your invoices must comply with HMRC guidelines. Our free template is tailored for this and easily editable. It is ready for you to send to clients for invoicing against your hard work.

CV Template

Free CV Template

The hardest part of starting out in freelancing or contracting can be knowing where to begin. Have you got a CV that badly needs updating or that just isn’t suitable? Try using this easily-editable template.

Contracting Checklist

Free Contracting Checklist

A quick downloadable list of tasks and milestones to tick off in your journey to becoming a fully-fledged contractor.