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Which Sectors Are Hot for Contractors

Which Sectors Are Hot for Contractors?

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As businesses feel their way foreword after the pandemic, many are turning to contingency staff to plug essential skills gaps while they restructure their operations. The uncertainty of the marketplace, particularly with the Brexit transition period ending by January, means that businesses will require access to temporary talent without committing to long term costs.

Brexit | Contracting Wise looks at the skills that are most in-demand

Sector watch: What are the top industries for contractors and the skills you need to work in them?

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Uncertainty over Brexit has been generally positive for the contractor market so far, with many companies selecting interim support for positions, allowing them the flexibility to scale up for market demand without long-term commitment. With organisations creating new Brexit-specific positions, specialist legal and financial skills are attracting a particular premium.…

Contractors | Taking the plunge | Moving to contracting

Taking the plunge in 2019

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Although the contracting sector offers many rewards, the decision to leave the security and benefits of full-time employment isn’t one that should be made without careful consideration. While prospective contractors stand to gain greater flexibility and the chance to increase their take-home pay, contracting usually involves added responsibilities as well as a degree of risk that some people can find stressful.…