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While the economic impact of coronavirus is forcing many companies to lay off staff, this week shows hiring demand rising in sectors such as construction and energy. With the Chancellor carrying forward his summer statement pledge to create green homes, £1.3bn of investment was confirmed on the 4th August by housing secretary Robert Jenrick. The funds will be used to deliver hundreds of housing and infrastructure projects across the country. (Scroll down to see the latest LinkedIn vacancies or read on for more marketplace news and opportunities).

Continuing the green theme, energy provider People’s Energy will create 100 new jobs this week. The recently-formed company aims to tap into the talent market left behind when OVO Energy closed their office in Selkirk earlier this year. The new company provides gas and 100% renewable electricity to UK domestic and SME customers with the aim of returning 25% of the profits to their customers. With the news this week that BP will halve its oil and gas production within a decade and shift its focus to renewable energy, this a hiring area for energy contractors to watch.

Another sector to show growth is financial services, which is struggling with the same talent shortages it was experiencing before COVID-19.  A significant proportion of deals involve non-financial services businesses rather than ‘traditional’ fintechs or banks. Payments, in particular, is rapidly becoming central to the future of the digital economy. Large tech-based players such as Uber and Airbnb are running their own payment systems, supported by an ecosystem of software developers cloud service providers.

Now the lines are blurring between traditional FS businesses, ecommerce players and non-banking payments institutions, banks are responding by racing to develop their own digitised products and services. However, many still lack the key capabilities and skills required to thrive in the new world order. As the competition for that talent becomes even more ferocious, this week sees openings at JP Morgan, Citi, Bloomberg and Barclays.

As technology transforms the finance sector and ecommerce, there are also opportunities at the sharp end as Leonardo labs opens its network of Corporate R&D Laboratories. Dedicated to advanced research & technological innovation, this year they plan to open their first six laboratories in Milan, Turin, Genoa, Rome, Naples and Taranto. The positions require contracted researchers with a STEM degree and/or PhD, and with skills in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Intelligent System Big Data Analytics, High-Performance Computing, Electrification of Aeronautical Platforms, Materials and Structures and Quantum Technologies. IT skills are also in demand at Serco, Capita and DXC technology.

Below are the latest LinkedIn vacancies as listed from August 4th.


  • EY: 202 open roles

Broadcast Media

  • Sky: 100 open roles

Civil Engineering

  • Costain Group Plc: 51 open roles
  • Jacobs: 77 open roles

Consumer Electronics

Defence and Space


Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Facilities Services

Financial services

Government Administration

Hospital & Health Care

Information Technology & Services



Logistics & Supply Chain






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