What we do

A contracting hub that works for you

We deliver information, support and potential options for everything from accountant payroll solutions to umbrella companies vs. limited company set-up. If you have questions about contractor tax or insurance, we can discuss this during a free 20-minute consultation. Request a no obligation chat now.

What do we do?

Offer free unbiased support

Our friendly team will assess your situation, find out what you want to achieve, then identify top-quality options for you to consider.

Set out your options

From the details you provide, we can offer information so you can make meaningful, realistic choices about your career.

Find you the right help

Our central database has information on service providers who may be able to offer you help with your particular requirements.

Who do we work with?

We work with best-in-class providers to provide options for contractors just like you.

All the providers we suggest are hand-picked and vetted to make sure that they can give you the same high quality service that we do. No matter what your industry, day rate or personal circumstances, our job is to source options that are tailored to you.


Here is a selection of the providers that we work with:

  • Personal Loan Lender
  • Accountancy practices
  • Umbrella companies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Tax compliance consultants
  • Insurance companies
  • Mortgage brokers
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Why use

A voice of experience

We have access to the freshest industry insight on current contracting issues and solutions. Contractors can save time on research and decision making as we deliver options tailored to individual needs.

An information hub for contractors

We are an established knowledge base for contractors and we work with the best-in-class suppliers. Through our experience and knowledge of the contracting market, we only suggest relevant products and services for your needs.

Partners you can trust

Past performance doesn’t always guarantee future success. At ContractingWISE, we suggest products and services from top performing contracting service suppliers. Additionally, all of our partners are subject to due diligence checks.

Services you won’t find elsewhere

We select partner companies such as tax consultants, insurance companies and mortgage brokers, some of whom can’t be found on the open market. Our wide choice of service providers is unmatched.

Free help guides 

Get in the know with regularly published articles and help guides on the website. Any questions you have should be directed to our open and approachable team. We ensure that our services are in-line with the most up to date information on contracting.

Honest and principled

Solutions delivered by our approachable team are not driven by making a sale. They are entrusted to act with integrity and honesty, which are the core values of ContractingWISE.

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At ContractingWISE, we’ll ensure that you have genuine, objective and accountable information so that you can explore the options and make a wise choice.