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Every contractor and independent worker

Every independent contractor has far more paperwork and uncertainty than the salaried employee. We work to tip the balance back for flexible contractors by giving them only good service providers who operate in your sector. Call us today for your free expert consultation.

IT Professionals

Enabling flexible independent work

For IT consultants who are focused on delivering the best software solutions to their clients, the day-to-day efforts involved in maintaining a Personal Service Company and dealing with contractor expenses can be challenging.


So if you need someone to help take the strain of running your own business, ContractingWISE is the best place to come for IT contractor help.

Finance Professionals

Clearly explained insights on current legislation

No one knows more about the challenges and rewards of running your own contracting business than finance contractors. But even the most diligent of financial services contractors needs some support.


When your finance contract job requires you to be thorough, inventive and in command of every detail for your client, it can be hard to find the time to manage your own limited company.

Healthcare Locums

Get quick tips for rapid returns

Locums value the flexibility and variety of work they can do – but that doesn’t mean that locum doctors or locum social workers need flexibility and variety when it comes to getting paid.


ContractingWISE knows better than anyone how difficult it can be for locums to receive their pay cheques on time and in full – not to mention the challenges of being self-employed.

Management Consultants

Quality-audited service providers

When you’ve advised some of the biggest corporations in the world, running your own small enterprise as a management consultant can be deceptively simple.


But at ContractingWISE, we know that maximising your contractor take-home pay is easier said than done.

Oil & Gas Contractors

Save your energy and leave admin with us

Oil and gas contract rates aren’t what they were, so it’s vitally important to maximise your income by reducing your tax liabilities where possible.


The complexity of tax law is something that our experienced partners can assist you with so you can benefit from trusted, knowledgeable and up to date tax help.

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At ContractingWISE, we’ll ensure that you have genuine, objective and accountable information so that you can explore the options and make a wise choice.